Martin Barnett

From wind turbines to bridges and stadiums to gondolas, anything that needs to be accessed via rope is in Martin’s wheelhouse. When not on the ropes, Martin is instructing with them. He teaches rope access, rigging and several disciplines of rescue techniques. He is also an International Technical Rescue Association instructor and assessor. In addition, Martin is a mountain guide and has led many international expeditions.

He has summited the highest mountain in all seven continents and guided a traverse to the South Pole. For the last decade, he has volunteered with the Alpine Rescue Team as a Technical Specialist and when he is not participating in rope access or rigging, he enjoys mountain biking, and rock and ice climbing. Martin lives in Colorado with his very tolerant wife, and two young children. Having the quality protection of Harken Derm is extremely important for Martin because of the extreme environments he works and recreates in.