Dr. Olasz Harken

Board-certified Dermatologist
and co-founder of Harken Derm.


Edit Olasz Harken has a dual degree of MD and PhD. She is currently an associate professor of dermatology at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She graduated from medical school in Hungary and completed a fellowship in Germany in photodermatology (science of the interaction of light with the skin). She subsequently conducted PhD research as a postdoctoral fellow in skin immunology at the Dermatology Branch of the prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH). She is a world renowned expert of high-risk skin cancer in organ transplant patients and cosmetic dermatology including the suncare.


She is the author of many scientific publications, book chapters and have been invited speaker at national and international dermatology conferences. She is a highly regarded teacher of dermatology residents and passionate about patient care. She has been awarded best doctor in her city of Milwaukee and served in leadership roles on many national dermatology boards and committees including the president of the Wisconsin Dermatological Society. FROM OUR BLOG Every product we create is founded on critically reviewed scientific research and carefully curated ingredients - you can find the latest developments in the world of "skin, sun and sea" in our blog, curated and presented by Dr Olasz Harken, PhD.

A Letter from Dr. Olasz Harken

I am passionate about dermatology and I am passionate about sailing. I am happiest when I can help my patients and I am happiest on the boat at sea. I have focused a large amount of my professional career researching, preventing and treating high-risk skin cancer. Sailors, especially athletes and professionals, have an increased risk of skin cancer and of early skin aging. All of those who have passion for the outdoors under the sun know how important sun protection is and how sun, water and wind make your skin feel at the end of the day. I felt it too. When I talked to you about your skin, I listened. I realized that most of you struggle finding the right products or knowing what’s best for you. I understand, there are simply too many choices out there. The skincare industry is vast and it’s difficult to decode the message and know the truth. As a cosmetic dermatologist, I evaluate products that my patients bring with them every day.


I really felt that I could help. By carefully creating products that are tailored for the outdoor lifestyle, and for the unique needs of those who face the elements and want to enjoy them without worrying about their skin, I can help even more people than I do in my clinics every day. I really want to make it easy for you. Of course, no doubt, that the Harken name opened a lot of doors. My husband, Peter Harken, who founded Harken Inc. with his brother Olaf, has built a trusted brand in the sailing world based on innovation, performance and service. I consider Harken simply the best gear in the sailing industry. My aspiration is to build Harken Derm on science, knowledge and service to become the best skincare brand in the sailing world and beyond. I hope to gain your trust by providing excellent products and honest advice while keeping your skin and the marine ecosystem healthy.


We are connected to our environment on so many levels. We live in a symbiotic relationship with our oceans, inland waters, mountains and outdoors. What we use on our skin has so many implications on our body and our environment. Where are the ingredients coming from? Are they sustainably produced, and do they harm us or nature when applied or washed off? How is the packaging manufactured and recycled? What about all those claims, like “clean”, “organic”, “vegan”, “cruelty-free” or even “coral-safe” that are not official claims and are often used solely for marketing purposes without any proof or science behind them. Harken Derm’s products are thoughtfully designed to offer high-performance with 100% mineral filters and gentle botanical ingredients, to be safe for you and the marine ecosystem. We use sugar-cane derived packaging and give you the most product that you can still carry-on.


I set out to create a professional skincare brand with the honest desire to help a niche group of people that I love. I certainly hope that our products will speak for themselves. Although I continue to serve my patients with joy and passion, teach residents to become excellent dermatologists and lecture internationally, Harken Derm has given me a new purpose: to help even more people and extend my reach. For me, science and service come hand in hand. I am so grateful for the opportunity to reach you all. Saving people is a big aspiration, but I truly believe and hope we are doing something important.


By offering Harken Derm and educating, we Save our Sailors, Save our Skin and Save our Seas.


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