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World-renowned dermatologist Dr. Edit Olasz Harken MD, PhD and her husband Peter Harken saw a shared need amongst her patients and sailors for a high-performance sunscreen that would last all day. As such, the Harken Derm range was born - skincare products designed for people who spend all day in the sun and on the water, who need the best protection with no distractions.


Harken Derm was co-created and -founded by world-renowned skin cancer specialist and cosmetic dermatologist Dr Edit Olasz Harken MD PhD, and her husband Peter Harken, founder of Harken Inc., the global premier sailing hardware manufacture. It is easy to see how Harken Derm came about in the wake of this marriage.


The anecdotal experience of avid sailor Dr Olasz Harken and the experiences of other sailors has brought you a product tailored to your needs. Not only has Harken Derm sunscreen been built for high UV index environments - like out on the water - but it is also highly water and sweat resistant, keeping you protected for longer. The cream is not greasy or runny, and it is packed with antioxidants & ingredients that are vital in the skin repairing process.


Critically, Harken Derm products are founded on Dr Olasz Harken’s two-step approach to skincare in the sun - “morning protection and evening repair”. Just as important as applying protection throughout the day is repairing the skin during the night so that it can recover, stay healthy and be ready for the next day

The harken derm story


TWO step solution

Fight the signs of aging and your risk of skin cancer with the ultimate photoprotection package.

The Birth Of Harken Derm

Sailors are at high risk for early skin aging and skin cancer because they spend a lot of time in the sun. Dr Olasz Harken's has diagnosed and treated many skin cancers in her clinic. She noticed that sailors often don't use the appropriate sunscreen for their unique needs. She set out to create Harken Derm sunscreen to satisfy these unique needs; to offer broad protection from a high UV index environment along with extreme water and sweat resistance to keep you protected for longer. She was careful to produce a formulation that is not greasy or runny, and it is packed with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients that are vital in helping the skin remain healthy and protected.


Harken Derm products are founded on Dr Olasz Harken’s two-step approach to skincare: “Morning Protection and Evening Repair”. The two products complement each other and make your choice easy for complete skincare when you are in the sun. Protection during the day is a must, but nightly repair is just as important to help your skin recover, stay healthy and get ready for the next day.




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Dr. Olasz Harken

Dr. Olasz Harken MD, PhD is a practicing dermatologist, associate professor and researcher. She is a renowned high-risk skin cancer expert and cosmetic dermatologist who has lectured internationally and been published extensively in the field.

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Science of Skin

Skin is the largest organ on our body, shielding us from our environment and reflecting our inner health. Skin cancer is the commonest form of cancer, and sun protection is the most important cancer protection factor.

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Certain chemical filters can be absorbed into the blood and may harm the marine ecosystem. Mineral filters are the only filters recognised as GRASE by the FDA and considered to be safe for humans, the sea, and the life it houses.

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Science & data produce facts that matter. We continuously strive to offer advice and products that are backed by real science and up-to-the minute findings from peer-reviewed studies.

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On the water, you're exposed to the elements. Protect and repair your skin confidently with Harken Derm. Created by acclaimed dermatologist Dr. Edit Olasz Harken, PhD, get her solution now.

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