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Dermatologist Edit Olasz Harken MD, PhD and husband Peter Harken saw the need amongst her patients and sailors for a high-performance sunscreen that would last all day. Skincare products made for people who care — out in the sun and on the water all day, who need the best protection with no distractions.

A Marriage in a Bottle

Harken Derm is a marriage in a bottle--literally and figuratively. The idea for a sunscreen specifically designed for sailors was born when Dr. Olasz Harken, a board-certified dermatologist noticed that many sailors who have a high risk of skin cancer don’t use the right sunscreens. Her husband, Peter Harken, had been making boats then blocks for over 50 years. When the couple attended boat shows and regattas, Edit--a practicing academic dermatologist--spoke about the need for good quality, professional skin care in light of sailors' constant exposure to wind, water, and sun. Sailors are aware of their risk for skin damage but don’t always know which sunscreen is the best for them. As Peter puts it, "When we get in a boat, we generally will grab what's the easiest available sunscreen" with no regard to its ingredients or properties.

Edit realized the need and wanted to help. Because the triple threat of water, wind, and sun is so damaging to the skin, she decided to design not only a sunscreen but also skin repair moisturizer. Her idea was confirmed when a famous sailor asked her advice for skin care after sailing. So she created the “two step solution”:

1) A sunscreen that is extremely water-resistant and contains only physical filters. Physical filters such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have the best spectrum to reflect the light. A sunscreen that is not runny or greasy and doesn’t burn the eyes. Lastly, she added some antioxidants for extra protection. 

2) The skin needs replenishment and repair after a long day of sailing. However, not all anti-aging ingredients are suitable for people who are on the sun a lot. Edit therefore created a specific repair moisturizer rich in lipids and antioxidants that can replenish, repair and restore skin after being on the water and in the sun. Harken Derm's Daily Skin Repair Lotion is a perfect second step after sun protection. Edit’s advice for a healthy skin is “Morning protection and evening repair.”

Dr. Olasz Harken lectured extensively nationally and internationally and published broadly on sunscreens. She is regarded an expert in the field.