How to Apply Harken Derm Sunscreen

Applying Sunscreen to Your Face and High-Risk areas


Dermatologist and creator of Harken Derm, Dr. Edit Olasz Harken explains how to apply and where to apply Harken Derm sunscreen on your face and high risk areas before starting outdoor activities. She also advises wearing UPF clothing.

  • Be sure to apply around the nose and eyelids

  • It’s important to apply sunscreen around the ears and lips as well

  • 75% of people forget to apply on the nasal bridge, between the eyes

  • With longer hair, 80% of women forget to apply sunscreen behind their ears

  • Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide is thicker and white, easy to tell where applied

  • Harken Derm is recommended for high performance outdoor activities in all elements

  • Once applied, Harken Derm sunscreen dries quickly and does not leave an oily surface

HOw to apply Harken Derm Sunscreen to Your Hands


Don’t forget the hands! Wearing UPF clothing, Dr. Edit Olasz Harken explains how to apply Harken Derm mineral sunscreen on your hands before starting outdoor activities.

  • Skin cancer is often found on top of hands and back of hands

  • Rub Harken Derm mineral sunscreen thoroughly on front and back of hands and fingers

  • Cover as much surface of your body with UPF clothing and mineral sunscreen

  • Harken Derm sunscreen absorbs very well and dries quickly, lasting all day long

  • High-risk areas are ears, side and back of the neck, nose, lips and around the eyes

  • Along with UPF clothing and mineral sunscreen, wear a hat and sunglasses too

  • Harken Derm sunscreen, sunglasses and UP clothing protect you from the sun

Applying Mineral Sunscreen to Your Face and Arms

 Alex explains Harken Derm mineral sunscreen, and gives tips on how to apply the zinc and titanium sunscreen on your face and arms.

  • Mineral-based SPF 50 zinc and titanium sunscreen is easy to apply to the face

  • Apply and rub a few dots of Harken Derm mineral sunscreen onto your fingers

  • Pat the sunscreen onto multiple areas of your face, making it easy to spread evenly

  • You will feel a nice light finish, not greasy and it soaks into your skin right away

  • Titanium helps spread the product across your skin as well as on your hair

  • Not a lot is needed, a slight white color indicates you have created a physical barrier

  • Harken Derm has been created as healthy as possible and safe for the environment

Full body application of Harken Derm Sunscreen


Aliz shows us how to apply Harken Derm pure mineral zinc and titanium sunscreen on your face and full body application, including ears and which ingredients to avoid.

  • Only a small application (size of two dimes) is plenty for the entire face and neck

  • Natural minerals zinc and titanium dioxide visibly shows where sunscreen is applied

  • Applying Harken Derm mineral sunscreen once in the morning will last all day

  • Important high-risk areas to apply Hakren Derm sunscreen on the ears and lips

  • Harken Derm has anti-oxidents which hydrates the skin and prevents free radical damage

  • Only one ounce of Harken Derm mineral sunscreen is needed for a full body application

  • Wide brim hats and UPF clothing are a great combination with Harken Derm sunscreen

Step 2: How to apply harken Derm’s Daily After Sun Skin Repair Lotion

Dr. Edit Olasz Harken, high-risk skin cancer specialist, explains why she created Harken Derm pure mineral sunscreen. While sunscreen is vital, the second step of Harken Derm’s formula is just as important. Learn how and why to use the second step: Daily After Sun Skin Repair Lotion.

  • When sailing you are pounded three elements: the sun, the wind and the water

  • Free radicals have unpaired electrons, which are unstable, causing skin damage

  • Trying to stabilize, free radicals damage cells, collagen, creating sun spots and aging skin

  • After morning protection, you need evening repair when you come back home

  • Harken Derm’s Daily After Sun Skin Repair has plant-derived lipids, natural antioxidants

  • Antioxidants indirectly help defy skin damage and prevents wrinkle formation