More Kids On Sailboats

What began as a simple hashtag to connect sailing kids, #morekidsonsailboats, became a 501(c)(3) organization – and Harken Derm has been there since the beginning. More Kids on Sailboats, MKOS, was formed in 2020 with a simple rally cry – get more kids on the water.

They believe problem solving skills, the ability to think critically, along with some grit are what today’s kids need and we could not agree more. Relationships, teamwork, determination, perseverance, all of these can be gained through their skill-building programs for new and experienced sailors. With co-ed, multigenerational crews gaining this skill set through MKOS’ Prep, Practice, Perform and Provide Programs this next generation will have the tools needed to succeed.

A key element to this success is safety. Harken Derm is proud to provide this next generation of sailors the education and products they need to safely protect their skin – on and off the water. America’s up-and-coming sailors are now equipped with understanding the importance of sun protection and we are thrilled to be providing them this protection through our Harken Derm Ultimate Shield Sunscreen and helping them recover off the water with our Daily Skin Repair Lotion.