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Sailors face a unique set of challenges when it comes to sun protection - and deserve the best, high-performance sunscreen, designed with you in mind.


Sailors' skin is exposed to three damaging elements, sun, wind and water, what we call the "Triple Threat" to the skin. Sailors are at particularly high risk of skin cancer and early aging due to repeated, high-intensity UV radiation, the difficulties in finding shelter on the boat, the UV reflection from the sea as well as the wind and water that can weaken the skin barrier. Our Harken Derm formulas have been designed specifically to combat the trials a sailor’s skin faces at sea.

Whilst parts of your body can be protected by hats, glasses and clothing, the only way to ensure all-over protection from skin cancer and premature ageing is by using dermatologically-backed sunscreen and repair lotion like that of Harken Derm.

Although there is a plethora of sunscreen available, not all are born equal. There is a huge variety on the market, and there are vast differences amongst sunscreens in terms of:

  • Performance
  • Active and other ingredients
  • Effect on the human body
  • Effect on the environment including coral reefs and marine habitat

We understand that you need professional advice to make the right choice for your lifestyle. Harken Derm was created to be the solution to your problem.

Some sunscreens actively damage the ocean environment in which sailors spend their time. Some ingredients are not suitable for the long days in the sun that sailors endure. It’s critical that sailors find a sunscreen that is tailored to their needs, created by people that understand them.

Harken Derm was founded, first and foremost, to protect sailors. We have always centred the needs of people at sea above all else in creating and curating our formulas. Shop the full range now.

Save our skin

Daily skincare routines must include sun protection and skin repair in order to fight ageing and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Our formulas are clinically proven to protect and repair the skin.

Save our seas

Chemical filters in sunscreens are proven to kill coral and harm the marine habitat. Our sunscreen only uses all-mineral filters, so that we can protect the seas that we share.

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On the water, you're exposed to the elements. Protect and repair your skin confidently with Harken Derm. Created by acclaimed dermatologist Dr. Edit Olasz Harken, PhD, get her solution now.

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