Harken Derm’s Ultimate Shield sunscreen and Daily Skin Repair Lotion are specifically created for people like sailors to withstand and repair the damage caused by the harshest elements.


Get The Two Step Solution

We believe in the concept of Morning Protection and Evening Repair to keep your skin healthy.

Our high-performance SPF 50 Ultimate Shield Sunscreen with antioxidants offers superior long-lasting protection and our Daily After Sun Skin Repair Lotion gives your skin all the replenishment it needs to be ready to enjoy the outdoors the next day. Ingredients in both products were carefully chosen to fit the unique needs of the skin that is exposed to the elements for an extended time day after day. The Two Step Solution makes it easy to keep your skin healthy in the toughest conditions.

Harken Derm Bandanas

100% verified recycled polyester with up to two recycled plastic bottles. Moisture-wicking, quick drying and breathable.

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Dr. Melanie Clark

Specialist Dermatologist

As a dermatologist who specailzes in the treatment of skin cancer, I am picky about sunscreens. I prefer mineral-based physical blockers, but often find them to be thick, sticky, and difficult to apply. Harken Derm is the first sunscreen I have found that has all of the sun-protective benefits of a mineral sunscreen but goes on smoothly and easily. Not only does it feel wonderful on the skin, but it lasts hours and sweat and water exposure. I highly recommend Harken Derm to my family and my patients.


Robert Scheidt

Brazilian Olympic Athlete

As a full-time sailor for years I’ve been trying to protect my skin from the damage caused by the sun, wind, and water, finally I found what I was looking for: The New Harken Derm sunscreen Keeps me protected all day long, It’s highly water-resistant and easily absorbed by the skin. A must-have on every Sailor Kit!

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Erica Reineke

US Sailing Team Laser Radial Class

I use Harken Derm and love it! It's one of the few sunscreens I'm not allergic too. I also love their Daily After Sun Skin Repair Lotion because it keeps my face super hydrated after long days on the water!

Created by experts

Created by expert dermatologist Dr. Edit Olasz Harken, to give you exactly what your skin needs.

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Our High-Performance SPF 50 sunscreen keeps you on the water for longer

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