Saving our Sailors
Saving our Skin
Saving our seas

Preventing and protecting

In short, Harken Derm exists to prevent skin damage to sailors and to protect our seas.

Our target market is not born out of a focus group session, or a business venture. Our products come from our lived experience as sailors, and the knowledge that there is not another product out there designed specifically with us in mind. Moreover, there is not another brand that understands the symbiotic relationship between the sailors and the seas.

We understand that protecting our seas is, for some of us, just as important as protecting our skin. Harken Derm sunscreen does both.

Fighting back means making conscious, active choices. Taking steps to protect our skin means deciding to equip ourselves correctly, just like we do with our lifejackets and gloves. Choosing to protect our seas means understanding the ingredients in our sunscreens, and only using mineral filters that do not harm our coral reefs. It all means choosing Harken Derm.


Save our skin

Daily skincare routines must include sun protection and skin repair in order to fight ageing and reduce the risk of skin cancer. Our formulas are clinically proven to protect and repair the skin.

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Save our sailors

Sailors, by the nature of our love for the water, are exposed to high levels of radiation, and are at high risk of skin cancer and early ageing. Find out how our formulas protect people at sea.


Save our Seas

Chemical filters in sunscreens are proven to kill coral and harm the marine habitat. Our sunscreen only uses all-mineral filters, so that we can protect the seas that we share.

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TWO step solution

Fight the signs of aging and your risk of skin cancer with the ultimate photoprotection package.

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On the water, you're exposed to the elements. Protect and repair your skin confidently with Harken Derm. Created by acclaimed dermatologist Dr. Edit Olasz Harken, PhD, get her solution now.

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