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Still not sure? That's ok. We know that you are bombarded with a different skincare product almost daily. We know that our products are unmatched on the market for protection in the sun, wind and sea, but how do you know that? If you'd like, you can read through the testimonials provided by a snapshot of our customers here. When you build a product on science, it works every time - leaving you to do whatever you do best.


Harry Melges IV

Professional Sailor and Boat Builder

Thanks to Harken Derm I can feel protected from the sun while doing long days on the water!

Terry Hutchinson

Skipper & Executive Director, American Magic

Harken Derm is with me every time I leave the dock. With these high-performance boats, in particular, we are very exposed to the sun, water, and wind non-stop for hours on end. The intensity of the sun in New Zealand is incredibly high, and Harken Derm has kept the whole team protected for our long days on the water.

Robert Scheidt

Brazilian Olympic Sailor

As a full-time sailor for years I’ve been trying to protect my skin from the damage caused by the sun, wind, and water, finally I found what I was looking for: The New Harken Derm sunscreen Keeps me protected all day long, It’s highly water-resistant and easily absorbed by the skin. A must-have on every Sailor Kit!

Dan Morris

American Magic Team Member

Starting with sunscreen and finishing with Aftersun, HarkenDerm plays a key role keeping us flying above the water day after day in the the AC75 under intense sun and 50 knot spray. Now I found the solution that I trust.

Nikole Barnes & Lara Dallman-Weiss

Women’s 470 Team USA Olympians

Our long days on the water put us in extreme conditions, from the heat in Japan to the cold wind and rain in northern Spain. Harken Derm is how we protect and repair our skin daily and the team has made the two step program easy to use and most importantly travel with! We love that Harken Derm cares for protecting the ocean just as much as saving our skin because everything is connected and we strive to be conscious consumers. As far as team PVS is concerned, Harken Derm is a no brainer!

Abby Ehler

Professional Sailor

Being an ‘outdoorsy’ person and spending so much time outside in the elements both at work and leisure it’s vital to be protected. As professional sailors we seek out the best sailing kit, the grippiest shoes, the geekiest data yet it can be easy to overlook skincare! I’m happy to have discovered Harken Derm, I love the before and after products and the fact it is linked to sailing by its brand makes it feel qualified for the job!

Anna Olasz

Hungarian Olympic Swimmer

As an Olympic distance swimmer, my long hours of training and competitions happen on the water under sometime intense sunlight. Harken Derm’s Ultimate Shield sunscreen provides much needed protection on and off the water! Its long-lasting protection is just what I need for those long training days, when the sun can be at its hottest.

Cameron Lewis

Professional Sailor

I apply Harken Derm Sunblock every day I kite and sail, my face is my biggest priority, plus I have figured out how to wear sunglasses and a cap successfully while kiting to further protect myself.

Dr. Sarah Arron

Dermatologic Surgeon

In my dermatology practice, I care for many sun-damaged sailors from the San Francisco Bay, Half Moon Bay, and Monterey Bay areas. I recommend Harken Derm's Ultimate Shield High-Performance Sunscreen as an all-mineral, water-resistant, ocean-safe option for time on the water and on dry land. The light, creamy formula absorbs easily, with no waxy residue or fragrance. I noticed that even my husband started using it, so I dropped a tube into his golf bag. It's not just for sailors! The Daily After Sun Skin Repair Lotion is soothing for wind- and salt-chapped skin as well. My kids appreciate it after a long day on the beach.

Riley Gibbs & Anna Weis

Nacra 17 US Olympic Athletes

We probably use more sunscreen than anyone. We spend a lot of time out in the sun, and we choose to use Harken Derm. It’s the best sunscreen out there and doesn’t come off when we’re sailing. It’s the #1 product out there. Keeps your skin hydrated and doesn’t dry your skin out like a lot of other sunscreens do. For us it’s an obvious choice, and we love using it! Thank you Harken Derm!

Dr.Melanie Clark


As a dermatologist who specailzes in the treatment of skin cancer, I am picky about sunscreens. I prefer mineral-based physical blockers, but often find them to be thick, sticky, and difficult to apply. Harken Derm is the first sunscreen I have found that has all of the sun-protective benefits of a mineral sunscreen but goes on smoothly and easily. Not only does it feel wonderful on the skin, but it lasts hours and sweat and water exposure. I highly recommend Harken Derm to my family and my patients.

Erica Reineke

US Sailing Team Laser Radial Class

I use Harken Derm and love it! It's one of the few sunscreens I'm not allergic too. I also love their Daily After Sun Skin Repair Lotion because it keeps my face super hydrated after long days on the water!

Alex Grannan

I use Harken Derm and love it! It's one of the few sunscreens I'm not allergic too. I also love their Daily After Sun Skin Repair Lotion because it keeps my face super hydrated after long days on the water!

Jonel Jacobucci

I look forward to working and playing in the sun again. Thank you! Sun Screen has Never been my friend, the burning sensation was horrible. Now with your Sunscreen (I use in the morning )and the After Sun Lotion used like normal moisturizer face and body). Walking in the salt spray is too refreshing to give up.. Thank you for a new outlook with being outdoors!

Brett Everson

I wear this product when I'm working outside and on the golf course, just a little bit goes a long way and continues working through the sweat. Doesn't have an oily or greasy feeling like most sunscreens, highly recommended.

Jake Salemi

Provides long lasting excellent protection for an entire day. I wore it while tubing down a river for a day and I had excellent protection and no burns! Anyone complaining about the price has never purchased quality sunscreen before. Don’t buy the cheep imitation sun screen. Buy the real stuff with ZINC oxide!!! Safe for you and the environment!

Casper Medved

Finally, I found a sunscreen that protects the skin from all elements. Harken Derm has produced a product that protects the skin from internal and external factors. This sunscreen has provided me with relief from ultraviolet radiation while keeping the skin feeling hydrated on the warmest days. Having this product in my daily skincare regime has helped me look younger and healthier than ever before. Harken Derm has developed a sunscreen that could even save our coral reefs and marine life.

Imagine a typical beach day, kids are splashing one another, and seagulls are crying out in search of french fries. Most parents are forcing their children to apply sunscreen. Among all this chaos is something no one sees, the chemicals that are released into the water Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. Research has shown these chemicals are destroying our aquatic ecosystems. Harken Derm has developed a product that focuses on eliminating these two active ingredients, which can be found in your typical over the counter sunscreen.

Harken Derm uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active properties in their sunscreen formula. Did I happen to mention these ingredients work immediately on your skin? Most products available take up to a half-hour before they have any effect on your skin. From experience, this product will withstand more extended periods of heat than most products available today.

Steve Martin

What a Great product. Just a little goes a long way. Used Harken Derm during my winter vacation in Tucson. Easy to apply and stays on even during a hard workout.

Tyler Ryan

Best product I’ve used. Not only at the beach for the kids but also at work and during all seasons!

Austin Zauner

Great sunscreen, I have been using it for sailing in the Miami sun. The 3 star review is for the price, for the size of the bottle it’s a bit of a price gouge.

Aliz Savay

Incredible products -- absolutely life-changing! I've never been able to find a sunscreen that REALLY WORKS, but isn't greasy, and has antioxidants for additional protection and anti-aging benefits... until Harken Derm. Their natural sunscreen is better than makeup, and was formulated specifically for extreme environments of the sailing world, Harken knows so well. It lasts all day, and you can tell! It's a miracle formula!

And its only two active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide -- mineral filters. There are NO CHEMICAL FILTERS! It's 100% eco-friendly, approved by Sailors for the Sea, and is coral friendly!

Moreover, their anti-aging after-sun lotion is the most incredible thing I've ever tried. It's so lightweight, yet packs the biggest punch.

Full of antioxidants and botanical ingredients, to naturally REPAIR your skin, rather than just masking the dryness for a few hours. It strengthens your skin using the ceramides and fatty acids naturally found in your skin -- the key components of skin structure -- to actually STRENGTHEN & RESTORE your skin, and has the powerful "super-antioxidant" quercetin known for its powerful anti-aging properties.

Absolutely amazing. I can't get enough.

Maka Nani

We live in Hawaii. My husband is a scuba instructor. I am literally in the sun, on the beach, & in the ocean at all times. I swear by this sunscreen & after care. Words have not be invented yet to express how AMAZING this product has been for us.
Thank you greatly for making me even prettier!

Laura Nowlin

Great for the kids, too! This is the best mineral sunscreen I’ve used on me and my 4-and 8 year old. Goes on smooth and lasts forever. Forget the drug store stuff...this is the best!

Derek Doudna

The best sunscreen I’ve used to date. Great coverage and protection and lasts all day, giving top notch performance. Created by professionals with a proven track record.

Jessica Lynch Goldstein

Spent the day at the St. Pete Grand Prix yesterday and didn't get burned AT ALL! ... Best part, woke up today and no breakout.

Sandra L. Carl

We are using your sunscreen at 2019 Etchells Worlds and we LOVE it! Not greasy at all! Lasts all day. We are sold, we are your newest customers!!

Snezana Radnovic

Love this sunscreen. I kite up to 2 hours at times and this is the only sunscreen that has ever worked for me! I truly recommend this product. works great. Thank you.

Sherry Coady

Received it last year as a promotion. This is one of the best sun screen's I have ever used. Really love it.

Marcos Weinstein

The real deal by experts in both dermatology and yachting. Effective and proper protection.

Mitzi Kolp

I used the daily skin repair lotion and my skin feels fantastic. We attended a family outing and I had many comments that my skin looked refreshed. The lines seemed diminished too! I have sensitive skin and had absolutely no problems. Absolutely love Harken daily skin repair lotion!!

Toni Hope

I first discovered Harken Derm at the J24 World Championships in Miami. The sun was extremely strong out on the bay during the races. Harken Derm protected my face and arms from the sun. I liked it so very much that I recently ordered both the Sun Protection and the Daily After Care.

Thank for your Sponsorship and for introducing me to your wonderful products.”

Michelle Peterson

I use the Sunscreen and After Sun Care every single day, rain, snow, or sun. I've also given all my siblings these skincare products. Thank you so very much for all the work you do to protect our skin and our oceans


Most Organic all-natural sunscreens never protect me the way they should... but this product truly saved my skin. I was on the water for hours up and down the coast... It kept my bald head safe... highly recommend.

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