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On the water, you're exposed to the elements. Protect and repair your skin confidently with Harken Derm. Created by acclaimed dermatologist Dr. Edit Olasz Harken, PhD, get her solution now.

Science of Skin

Creating highly water-resistant, all-mineral sunscreens requires special knowledge of both cosmetic chemistry and intricate skincare understanding. Each of our ingredients is carefully chosen to enhance protection, fight oxidative damage, improve photodamage and brighten & hydrate the skin.

Saving our Sailors, Skin & Seas

Harken Derm’s All Mineral SPF 50 Sunscreen and Daily After Sun Skin Repair Lotion are designed specifically for sailors and other sun and sea enthusiasts. 

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Created by
Dr. Edit Olasz Harken, MD, PhD.

A practicing dermatologist and high-risk skin cancer specialist whose passion for saving skin & saving lives led to Harken Derm.

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Our Story

Harken Derm was created and founded by Dr. Edit Olasz Harken, PhD, a world-renowned skin cancer specialist and cosmetic dermatologist, and her husband Peter Harken, founder of Harken Inc, the global premier sailing hardware manufacturer.

TRUSTED bY the best

We protect the world's elite athletes. Find out what they have to say about us and our products here.

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Anna Olasz

"As an Olympic distance swimmer, my long hours of training and competitions happen on the water under sometime intense sunlight. Harken Derm’s Ultimate Shield sunscreen provides much needed protection on and off the water!"

Riley Gibbs & Anna Weis

"We probably use more sunscreen than anyone. We spend a lot of time out in the sun, and we choose to use Harken Derm. It’s the best sunscreen out there and doesn’t come off when we’re sailing."

Abby Ehler

"I’m happy to have discovered Harken Derm.

I love the before and after products and the fact it is linked to sailing by its brand makes it feel qualified for the job!"

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